Loved being in Underpants!

Who doesn't enjoy seeing underpants? How about being in underpants? Or would you consider paying to see underpants? Such as in the movie Sixteen Candles! Well I have to say, I never realized just how much fun it is to be in underpants. The play that is! Underpants opened last weekend and closes this weekend. Written by comic genius Steve Martin this show really delivers the laughs. Easy to understand and made to be surprisingly funny! The first laughs rolled out within minutes of the opening act, and ended at the final "lights out" closing the Sunday matinee. For years now the Gallery Theatre has brought you top New York quality shows from the sets built and designed to the sound and lights!

Web Design makes you Money!

Starting a business? Own one and do not have someone to help you affordably handle your internet marketing needs? Many times owning a properly built small business website helps you reduce spending in other forms of expensive media. A Website is your online store front and your cyber sales person! You do realize that upwards of 90% of shoppers look online? They do! Look it up. That's a lot of potential clients who are just randomly picking a business, instead of finding your business nicely displayed online. May be you do not realize how ridiculously affordable it really is. Having a website you built yourself thru many of these bridge to sale online companies. Their goal is to have you use

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