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Loved being in Underpants!

Who doesn't enjoy seeing underpants? How about being in underpants? Or would you consider paying to see underpants? Such as in the movie Sixteen Candles! Well I have to say, I never realized just how much fun it is to be in underpants. The play that is! Underpants opened last weekend and closes this weekend. Written by comic genius Steve Martin this show really delivers the laughs. Easy to understand and made to be surprisingly funny! The first laughs rolled out within minutes of the opening act, and ended at the final "lights out" closing the Sunday matinee. For years now the Gallery Theatre has brought you top New York quality shows from the sets built and designed to the sound and lights! What New York can not always match is the genuine passion displayed from the Gallery Theatre actors, actresses and crew. It is their heart and determination that drives every performance. Sick, tired and injured will not deter. For their is no one to catch us if we fall, accept on stage of course. As with every play your cast and crew were also builders, set decorators, stage hands and whatever else was needed.

Underpants directed by Ralph Hewitt is about fantasy meeting desire and tamed by reality! It is a story of what could happen and has happened when the innocently accidental spirals into a hysterical "trap of circumstance"! Set in the early 1900s Germany where the shaping of what was to come was challenged by humanity itself. Steve Martin created a raucous high tempo comedic romp. Chemistry is everything from the script itself to the performers selected for them. So with that said lets talk a bit about the cast! My fellow performers. I will start from the bow sequence backwards. Lol you will have to come see the play to understand. The King played by Tommy Hurdle is just fun and mischievous! Plus Mr. Hurdle gets to spank someone and order rubber goods. It does not get any better than that! Klinglehoff, a hard nosed German who hates being interesting and will tolerate no funny business is played Jochen Kunstler. Jo as we call him nailed it! A little bit of "Colonel Klink" and a whole lot of Kunstler brought the character to comedic life.

I play a character I just totally enjoy! Cohen is one of the show's instigators. Cohen, a closet Jew hypochondriac who has suddenly felt the need to protect a woman's virtue! Versati, a poet at heart and as fickle as a pickle is immediate to prowl upon a mind "clouded by romance"! Versati played by Tony Correa, a newcomer and already a friend to us all really shines. His passion and desire for performing shows in the larger than life Versati! Gertrude played by the simply "fabulous darling" Hope Miller is simply a devilish trouble maker who keeps trying to send her friend down the path of debauchery! Ms. Miller's animated portrayal of Gertrude is just down right hilarious! Then you have the last two pieces of the squared triangle, Theo and Louise! A recently married couple who grew up together. The cross over from child to bride through her own emotions and Theo's eyes is enough to laugh at. Tony Jenkins as Theo and Heather Boyd as Louise are the funny bones of the whole show! They are both innocently guilty for what transpires! Theo the strong! Louise the innocent? Kudos!! On a an important sidebar, the set, the lights and the sound is thanks to Bobby Hoggard, Jill Gadsden and Tony Jenkins for an excellent tech production! Shout outs to Norman Askew and James Messer for coming into help get it done!

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