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Protecting Small Business America

If you haven’t already deleted this email without reading it, or skimmed past it on Facebook, then welcome to the jungle! We got fun and online games, and we have a revised business plan to work on! Folks, it is of the almost importance to undo the crippling grip on small business America from corporate America and corporate Government! Grant me a boon. Close your eyes and imagine your small town, or big city with all small businesses closed. What do you see? I see emptiness. A world devoid of individual uniqueness. Our quaint mom and pop shops. The beautiful boutiques we would steer towards because of their originality or shop local convenience. I see it replaced with corporate hub centers, where trucks upon trucks just pour merchandise in. No real displays, no real product interaction. Historic photos depict what once was, and is becoming once again!

You know people, now is the time to dedicate shopping local with small businesses. Corporations in the zest for greed, and hungry stock holders to please, have a business plan of eliminating even the smallest of competitors. There are small businesses, and people all around us who offer the goods and services larger corporations bank on. If you are a small business, or are thinking of going that route, have faith, there is a way to get found. It is a very tumultuous time in America, both on an individual level and business. What we have seen become the new norm is scary and dark. It will only grow if not redirected or stopped.

I am offering $25 business marketing & identity assessments. It covers advertising budget maximization, best forms of advertising & media, website optimization, search engine optimization, social media strategy, business display techniques, directory placements and other free avenues to explore. Many of you out there know my capabilities for increasing your business and saving you money each month if you currently have an advertising budget of any kind. You will be able to sound board ideas off of me, and we can talk about how to develop them. You can no longer count on traditional social and online strategies to work like they used to. No matter what your business is, you will have to develop your online brand and presence by having a personal and ever evolving web identity. I am well versed across most forms of media and can talk to you about which forms of media are right for you. This we accomplish by just sitting and talking...sound boarding is an amazing human tool. Anyway, reach out, this is an excellent opportunity to get your questions asked and talked about, and a direction in an uncertain world!

Tim Flanagan


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