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Look to the Future

By Tim Flanagan

Ignore the media hype. Ignore the politicians screaming about doomsday or the virapocalypse. Go by the stats and not the smoke screening them. Look at the big picture. Do your research. Is it worth the elimination of the middle class? Is it worth the demise of small business dreams all across this country? Then what’s next? A new virus rears up, as they do often enough, and we are in social shutdown again? Not by the stats it isn't, and considering they do not know how many more have been affected with no or mild symptoms, but they do know who has died from it much more accurately, and the stats just do not warrant the long-term disaster of us shutting down as a nation.

Who would benefit from this happening to us? Answer that inside your own head & heart. Look up stats on the infected & deaths that come from "the flu" every year. There was never a push for a financial suicide before. Nor from cancer, pneumonia, AIDs and the list goes on. Yet we were never in a world like this one. A world, whether you admit it or not, resembles the movie "Running Man", where the poor live for shows about human suffering, where the rich feed & control with an alliance between Government & Corporations. We are nearly a few steps away from that world! Do you want your life to be that movie? Unless you are Arnold of course.

I am not saying we should not be safe just in case. I am saying, even if we become a masked society for a while, we need to work & spend money. If this drags out...

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