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A Child's Life

By Tim Flanagan

"Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you; you answer quite slowly. A girl with kaleidoscope eyes". I always thought that this popular Beatles song was written from the imagination of a child! Children approach perception a lot different than we do. As we choose not to believe because of learned disappointment, children believe everything is possible! Their innocence blossoms out like branches on a young tree! Innocence is believing, and believing is everything! Innocence! Forever lost, and triumphant in its eternity!


A child learns what it experiences! For a better future for that child and the world that inherits its path, wouldn't we want our children to grow up believing? Belief of good in others, positive belief in oneself and belief that there are answers to life's quandaries! Do we nurture our children? Do we treat them with the same openhearted they do us? Do you remember what it was like being a child? Do you remember someone important in your life, and thinking wow they are my giant protector and I love them? I don't! My grandson does however, how he looks at me with big eyes and a smile tells me everything I need to know. He is the child in my life, through whom I experience the belief, wonder and happiness that escaped me as a child. How could I yell at that sweet face, or hit him out of my own frustration? How could I hinder his belief in good when my own reality is clouded with hard experience? His trust in me has renewed my trust in others! His imagination has reminded me that anything is possible! The wonder in his eyes gives me indescribable pleasure as I join him on his journey into discovery! His hugs are genuine and without expectation!


Wonder and amazement, two strong childlike qualities! When was the last time...

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