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Having just come in from being out in this week’s heat and rain, I sit and turn my chair to take a quick look out the window. Wow it is a hot sunny day. Real Hot! It is days like this I miss living at the beach. You know its funny how noticeably different perception of an adult is compared to a child. For example, as a child I would always tell myself, the sand isn't going to be that hot. I would walk proudly into the sand convinced my supposition would be correct, not the case as the 103-degree sand started burning my feet and I would run hop as fast as I can to wet sand! Aahh, I can still remember that feeling. As an adult I have shoes on, sunblock already applied, a bag full with a book, snacks, drinks, music and whatever else may be awaiting in there, plus I am dragging my lounge chair with me. Oh man, I have become the person I used to make fun of haha!


So here you are on this hot day at the beach inside your own head

A Day at the Beach?

By Columnist: Tim Flanagan

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