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I am tired, but no one cares.

I am upset , but no one cares.

I am stressed , but no one cares.

I am hurting, but no one cares.

I am outraged , but no one cares.

I am furious , but no one cares.

I am miserable , but no one cares.

I am irate , but no one cares.

I am scared , but no one cares.

I am done , but no one cares.

No one cares because I do not fit their agenda. 

Who cares?

By Columnist: Anonymous 

I often wonder what animals dream of! Do they dream in “BBD” (bigger, better deal)? Or do they dream in their own reality only? I look in the mirror to remind myself I am only human. We dream so big! Our entire existence is predicated on achievement. Some dream it, but never actually do anything to act on it. Others work themselves to the core for a taste of success. Whether you succeed or fail, the desire to try again is so part of who we are! I guess it would be easier to think we are the only species on the planet that dreams for more than we are. However, if animals did indeed dream to be more, that would change everything! Imagine a hamster on his wheel looking up at you. Twitching whiskers and darting eyes, a clever disguise for the hamster’s real dream of being you! Wow, that was ego talking! We dream in accordance to our own personal ego. We dream that we are super heroes. So, say those squirrels chasing each other in your back yard, are actually wishing they could fly. Are they dressed in capes? Does your dog watch you pull out in your new gas guzzling SUV, and think to itself, man, I wish I had me one of those? It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that, on a microscopic level, we are really an aggressive organism living inside a bigger organism. What would we really know about it all anyway? Even if that were the case.

Animals communicate with each other on a totally equal level with us humans! So, what is the missing links for dolphins, sea turtle or elephants to rule the planet? Opposable thumbs? Yeah sure, that comes in handy as heck when you want to implement your dreams. Try holding a screw driver with no thumb, slippery pads for a hand, and long claws! Let’s see how well you do. Some animals live as long as we humans do, some even longer. Most have short life spans, like our beloved dogs! Man’s best friend! A gift from the cosmos in the form of fur and loyalty. I would imagine that life span plays a huge factor in dream. A more developed brain goes the furthest I guess, though sometimes I would rather be an animal. Oblivious to our future, or that there is even an end to it all. The reckless abandon of children and animals is astounding to those of us who have lived and lost! Lost to our learned fears and our understanding of consequences. We are told that black animals with a white stripe are really stinky. No one told my dog Blu. He found out the hard way!

A cat wishing to be a dog, so they can do the chasing. A dog wishing it was that cat, so they could go inside and lay on a lap. A mouse dreaming of being a bird, so they could poop on people and get away with it. Everything that dreams would like to be an eagle! Even if just for a moment. Take away the fact they have been hunted and pushed out to the point of near extinction; they really have it all! Nothing in the sky can compete to the speed of thought and change of direction in their aerial hierarchy. To soar above all our manmade obstacles and dilemmas. To know nothing but the endless sky, the invigorating winds and the earth, barely seen, in our control far below. What would an eagle dream for, if an eagle did dream for something? I can’t see an eagle wanting to walk on legs upon the ground. I don’t think an eagle would want anything to do with the big city smells and chaotic noise. The freedom of a fish may be a fleeting thought, easily dismissed when realizing fish are prey for an eagle. Imagine a whale wishing it was Farrah Fawcett, so it would be immortalized in poster form across the globe. I know! I got a million of them! It is late when I wrote this, and I am hungry. Just remember one thing from my evening rambling, that animals feel pain. They feel hunger. I also believe that animals dream just as big as we do in their own way. If you look close enough you will see it too!

Animal Dreams

By Columnist: Tim Flanagan

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Thank goodness that there are some events happening here and there, or I would be totally insano! I miss the wind down of summer, with late August events melding into fall! Normally, I would be trying to figure out which event I am going to go cover. I miss the music festivals going on everywhere. I miss the seafood festivals and the delicious treats they offered. Will the world ever get back to the land of the brave again? Will COVID19 change us completely? I miss what my country was, and I long for what it could have been if we just lived up to our potential! Don’t be down! I am telling you, and I am telling me. The ability that humans have, to adapt and reason an alternative path, is truly something, that gives me hope for our future. So, things are different now! A trip to New Jersey to visit the third grandson would have been a long drive, and some walking around town enjoying the day. Now, it is a drive that comes with an extra burden. Being aware of your surroundings is the new now! Could you turn a corner into a protest? Could you be randomly attacked because of any reason really? The bitterness of modern culture is everywhere in New Jersey. Where I would have frolicked right along with all three boys, it is more like I am keeping watch over them. Remember when you did not lock your doors? Now you do!

However, a trip away is still a trip away, and family is family! My grandson Robert has no one to play with. So, instead of wasting a beautiful day on one of many endless chores associated with a 200 year-old home, I find my inner child, and play as silly as I can with Robert & Ryan. For them life changed completely, and not in a good way. Their routine has been broken. School friendships severed. School activities will be replaced with a computer, and a foyer office. Recess will be real life, and whatever challenging and fun activities we can provide for them. They are, after all, an investment in our future! What I have done with the boys is, combine work with learning and fun. For example, today we got a break from the rain, so I got the riding mower out for a dirty wet mow. So, the boys got rides, and I got the lawn mowed. Then I decided to hose down and clean the rider of all the wet debris, the boys got sprayed with the hose. I went into the barn next for a workout, and they came in with me. Ryan would try to do what I just did on the weight machine, and Robert would be asking me abut a tool, and what it is for. Then, on a normal day, when the part of the yard where the pool is isn’t flooded, we would have gone for a swim! Maybe tomorrow if we get another ice day.

I didn’t go to the beach this year! Did you? Most of my life I lived on or near the beach. Sure, the neighborhood leaved a lot to be desired from my childhood, but there are aspects of beach life that are just wonderful. Instead, we created our own back yard pool oasis. I know we are all wary from life and wet from nature! Been a dreary month all the way around. As I reflect back on my day, I do it with a rare smile. Today was a good day, and I feel that I am deserving more! America is restarting itself. We have found catch is better than a video game. We found that we do not need to watch that which we could play. We have more gardens. We have more home projects done. And hopefully you drew your young people close. They need our protection. I remember the day that you learned something in a public school. Now I fear for what may be taught to the impressionable. I remember the days when parents dictated school curriculum. Now schools believe it is their responsibility to dictate their beliefs to our kids. You ever feel that you are a simple person stuck in a complex world? Feel the sun on your face, and be thankful for what you have. Think on those, who may not have enough to survive, we are all humans after all, and do not need to be told what is right and what is wrong. I noticed that we watch less television, instead we make our own video shows. So, I guess that covers home school drama club! Anyway, be safe! I am off to talk to Robert and tuck him in!

In my Mind

By Columnist: Tim Flanagan

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