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Spurred by the new barrage of verbal ignorance, spewing from the golden mouths of our revered Hollywood actors, it got me thinking, are they really the cream of the crop? Who or what are these men and women that make them so special? Is their opinion grounded in middle class logic? Have they ever known or remember, what it feels like to struggle every day to make it? I doubt it! They think that everyone who voted for Trump is a privileged, racist, Republican Nazi! If they can’t get that right, then I hold little hope for their wisdom. The glory years of Hollywood have been fading for a while now! No more glowing aura around them on the silver screen. With a smart phone anyone can be a video star! Video hits on some of the most popular videos out there, far surpass movie attendance and DVD sales. I have been in two independent films, and a slew of live theatre productions, and what I learned is, it is easier to do...

The best actor award goes to…

By Columnist: Tim Flanagan

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