Article by Tim Flanagan - Amazing Photos by Everyone!

Recommended by Ken & Pattie Manuel, and certainly a welcome addition to our eclectic festival, this gospel band was refreshing! I apologize that I do really know these folks, since I just met them shortly before show time.

However getting a few moments to chat and joke with them prior to their performance was a nice one1 Great people and a great performance!

Thanks Anointed Voices of Praise for sharing you songs of worship to an appreciative crowd!

Anointed Voices
of Praise
Gospel Jim Jr. 
Nicole Boone

Nicole Boone, aka, Gospel Jim Jr. as a dedication to her daddy! Back for the second year, Nicole is a just a blast of powerful feel good! A voice that would make any

R & B  performer envious! Nicole Boone just has a way about her! he talks to the audience as if the whole world was at her attention, and then delivers powerful and energy filled songs to the enthralled audience!

Nicole always has a home here at WOODLANDSTOCK, and as you can see be the video, you do not want to miss her next year!

Nicole's messages through song ring out in her real life as well. As a pillar of her community, Nicole not only serves in spirit, but in practical application as well. Great job Nicole, and thank you again for being part of WOODLANDSTOCK!

Hanks Martin

It was an honor to have Hanks agree to play our little ole festival. Hanks Martin, a Virginia Beach legend, brought a new element to WOODLANDSTOCK...experience! Many of our performers are young and still finding their way. So it was a nice change to have someone with a long and illustrious career take the stage with us. His showmanship, style and subdued energy showed  in each story and song he blessed us with!

Not only a top notch performer, but a truly nice person as well made a whole troupe of young musicians admire and respect him! And yes this old dog as well lol. Of couse the light saber fights between Hanks and his wife were awesome!

During the day as Hanks hung out, he sold and donated merchandise to the audience and other performers. He was also doing a raffle to give away an Austin autographed guitar, many bought merchandise to have the chance to WIN! Low and behold, after years of not winning anything, your's truly was blessed with the winning number. So as I was video taping the drawing with Hanks on stage, I became part of it and had to pass the camera off to Billie Jo who captured my surprise, and my fifteen minutes of fame lol.

Hanks...thank you from the bottom of our hearts from all of us from or connected to Whats Happening Entertainment, for making the night even more special to us all! We wish you all the luck! By the way Hanks has many song played on Whats Happening Entertainment Radio, and has a showcase on if you would like to check him out! He just released "Cold Beer" and we will debut on WHER as soon as we get it from him!

Okay that is all I got people. If I find more, or anyone wants to contribute pics or videos I will add them to this page when I can. If there any mistakes or corrections please reach out!

Thank you all! See you next year for WOODLANDSTOCK 2020

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