Article by Tim Flanagan - Amazing Photos by Everyone!

As a writer, you sometimes write in the third person, and sometimes you write in the first person! Due to the amazing hearts and stories behind Woodlandstock, I think the first person it will be! Sitting down to write this, fatigued and bone weary, like many that worked their tail off on Saturday with me, I ponder where to even start.


As with any event, it all begins with the planning and the willingness of performers to give of their time and talent free of charge for a community event! This being the third Woodlandstock, I have learned that the heart of an artist is a generous heart indeed!

Thank you Ken & Pattie Manuel for their dedication!

Thanks to David Cooper for the tents, stage & porta potties!

So lets start with set up! My friends, the WHER crew kicked it old school! Thank for it all...Tony Jenkins, Billie Jo Flythe, "Gator" Ricky Ross, Tyler Maynard, Laura Davis, Ken Guynn, Victor Chilaka & Norman Askew! And of course much love to my wife Teresa who helped me from inception on many levels! I live you all!!


Next would be vendor & exhibit folks showing up! As with any event, especially an outside event, where weather forecasts have been tormenting for a week or so, it is a cross your fingers kind of thing. Well, outside of a few dropouts, our people showed. Vehicles and or trailers loaded with games or food started coming in towards the 11 AM mark. Once spots were settled, and parking established, it was get your display up and ready!


Thank you to Sherri Ann of USFWS National Wildlife Refuge and the wonderful Fishing Game that had all the kids having fun. Thanks to Pat Clement from the Hertford County Arts Council for bring her set up and games for the kids. Michelle Tann! You rock girl for bringing your grille and supplying food for us all. Thanks to Hampton Farms Peanuts for the FREE peanuts. Thanks to Trillium for sending someone to talk to represent. 

Our first performance of the day was a duo called "Claud & Sayre"! Made up of Chad Sayre, who I have seen perform live before, as well as showcasing his solo originals on

So it was a nice surprise when he showed up with his duo partner Robie Claud. Sayre, whose roots are in old school country, and a deep calming voice. Claud was a perfect compliment. His vocal range was incredible! Playing about a 20 minute set of originals it was easy to see that they not only had stage chemistry, but song writing as well!

Chad Sayre also performed with Laura Davis, and that was a blast as well! Thank you Claud & Sayre for performing at WOODLANDSTOCK!

Claud & Sayre 
Chad Sayre
Laura Davis

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