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Virginia Peanut Festival

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Virginia Peanut Festival
by William Metcalfe

Tim calls me up one day last week and says “Hey, can you cover the Virginia Peanut Festival Friday night? We are rehearsing for Bagdad Café and I can’t make it.” We are both pretty heavily involved in local theater so I understand and agreed to go in his place.

I’ve never been to Emporia before so I was afraid I was going to have trouble finding the event, I make my way down main street and as I clear a little tree tunnel I see a massive Ferris Wheel on my right and I say to myself “That’s probably the place.” It was. I didn’t walk through the rides area but judging by the number of cars I drove by to find a park, it was very well attended.

I was there to see the Featured Attraction Band, whose own Facebook page touts their genre to be “Now it’s a Party” “This band of locals play primarily beach music with some Motown covers and I even heard a Skynyrd tune. When you ask them to describe their sound the response you are likely to get is “If we play it you can dance to it!”.

When the night began it was only the kids on the dance floor but by the end of their first set the dance floor was full and at least once during the evening Gregg Browder, the bands vocalist left the stage to cut a rug during a guitar or keyboard solo.

Between sets I tried to get a word with Gregg which proved harder than I had anticipated see as every time he stopped moving fans seemed to surround him but I did manage to get a word or two with him. It seems like Gregg has played across a number of genres during his career, A career which started in 1963, and he told me that they had just finished recording new music for an album. And judging by their up coming tour dates ( it looks like they’ll be going strong for a long time to come.

A night at the peanut festival wouldn’t have been complete without at least one hand full of roasted peanuts. I must say it did feel a bit odd dropping my shells straight on to the ground… but that’s what everyone else was doing so…

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