I could talk about what it took to put this show together. A show where there are no roadies or paid crew. I could talk about the volunteers whose unrelenting spirit and loyalty go unquestioned! People like Tony Jenkins, the band's tech guru. Who made something special out of very little. The concert had one heck of a light show thanks to Tony. Or how about Jim and Jen over at J & J Custom building, who not only built that cool 7100 sign hanging over the drummer, but volunteered throughout the night as well. Jim was the concert's host and in between southern one liners and introductions did a wonderful job. My best of friends Sherrie Jager, Michelle Tann and Janice Irene Braziel took the load of ticket sales and merchandise. Our gentle giant Emmanuel "Country" Williams oversaw door security. What concert would not be complete without a videographer? That is exactly what we had in Shyheim See Persaud local Chowan student and musician. He had two cameras rolling including a stationary camera and a roamer. Or a photographer, Then there was the band's photographer, William Metcalfe, as he prowled around the concert getting some really wonderful pictures. How about a salute to our stage hand Josh Dunlow who is not only a good friend of the band, but a darn good roadie as well! However this write up is not about the fine and wonderful people who without we would have been lost. It isn't about the countless demands and attentions needed to get to that point. No! It is about the concert and the night itself.


So the light's dimmed, a hush fell over the crowd and the night's host Jim Bolton kicked the night off with a few well chosen one liners. After a thank you going out to the sponsors Jim welcomed a respected friend, and board member from the museum itself, Brinson Paul. Mr. Paul thanked everyone for coming out and welcomed them to his pride and joy, the Jefcoat Museum! The Jefcoat for those that are not aware, is an amazing museum of Americana, and is a hidden treasure here in our neighborhood! After Brinson made his intro Jim turned the microphone over to no other than everyone's local comedian and own "Damn Yankee" Tim Flanagan. Tim performed his social based comedy routine to both laughs and blank stares where sometimes his energy and passion got the best of him. The "Damn Yankee" performed for about an hour and was quite a crowd pleaser. Joining Tim on stage was his beautiful and lovely assistant Brandon Jager who assisted in sight gags and routine. At just about the eight o'clock hour Mr. Bolton adjourned the audience to a half hour intermission, with the announcement that 7100 would be out at eight thirty to rock their world!


Eight thirty nine! All right Murfreesboro...are you ready to rock? Are you ready to roll? Well without further ado, here they are in support of their upcoming CD Release....please welcome 7100 with "SHOW ME!!! 7100 had one plan of attack for the night, to show the audience that they equal any band out there with energy, hard rocking and personality! They did just that! Outside of a stubborn keyboard that delayed the start a few minutes, the concert was a dead on rock show! Awesome classics and red hot originals were on tap for the high octane attendees! A superb light show, perfectly timed song melds and of course a true genuine personality that transcends the soul touching lyrics that are the core of 7100! As stated 7100 opened with "Show Me" and that is exactly what happened! The audience showed everyone there that they were the best audience ever. An audience can make or break a show, and this audience made this concert even more special with standing ovations, singing and cheering, and even dancing in the aisles! Not too many bands or performances get this kind of reaction from it's goers. What made this night , this band and this audience so special? All of it! Every song, every riff, every drum beat, every message and every smile! It was a night of magic for the band. Playing classics and originals for over an hour and a half. Originals such as "Crazy Tonight" and "Better Way", and customized classics like "When Doves Cry" ruled this fine evening! High energy from beginning to end. After  a crowd requested encore the stage went dark, but the night was far from over. The action poured outside for some VIP Treats from the Flanagan House Bed and Breakfast, poster autographs from 7100 and nearly an hour of the band hanging with and loving the family, friends and new fans who were responsible for the wonderful night. As promised, here is a deep hearted thank you from Kevin Cribb, Timmy Davis, Chris Johnson, Shelton Walton and Brandon Wheeler of the band 7100! See you at the next show...

by Tim Flanagan
Photos by William Metcalfe
Jefcoat Auditorium Performance August 2016

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