2018 Rumble on the Roanoke


Sunday Sunday Sunday

by William Metcalfe

It was a 2 day event so also Saturday… but I was there on Sunday so… SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY… the Virginia Outlaw Drag Boat Association (VODBA) put on a spectacular  show at the Plymouth Waterfront known as the Rumble on the Roanoke Benefiting the Shiners' Children’s Hospital honoring all American Hero’s

I arrived on site around 11:30and made my way through the pits and introduced myself to the first person I saw with an “Event Staff” shirt. I told him I was here to cover the event for “Whats Happening Media”, he pointed out a couple of places along the riverbank where I might be able to get some good pictures.  After chatting with him for a bit about all this lovely mud we’ve gotten recently due to the rains in Eastern North Carolina I headed down to the starting line in hopes of getting a few shots of the boats coming off the line.

 I was a little concerned about the attendance, there didn’t seem to be many people there (at 11:30), but I had nothing to worry about because when the river started rumbling’ at 12:15 the stands were nearly filled. The stands would no doubt have been filled to capacity had the 88 degree sunny weather not forced some spectators to seek shelter in the shade of the trees. Luckily, we had K&L Concessions, G’s Grill, and Kernel Pops Kettle Corn there to help us stay hydrated and make sure none of us got too hungry. There was a lull in the action from time to time While the boats were load and unload but you knew things were about to heat up when this engines started to rev. People would be talking or looking at cell phones but their eyes would light up when they heard the engines roar. The river really started to rumble around 2:30 when the faster (Louder) boats took to the water.

I really enjoyed myself, I was not sure if I would or not… ( I don’t like loud things),  but its drag racing just with boats. So, if you like racing or boats, or just loud things in general, you would probably enjoy a VODBA event ( so check to see if there is an event near you! And if you’re in the Plymouth area and you’re kicking yourself for missing the Rumble on the Roanoke don’t feel too bad because they’ll be back in October for “Screamin’ on the River” so don’t miss it!

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