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Youth Hunting and Fishing

Youth Hunting & Fishing
by William Metcalfe

The Roanoke-Cashie River Center in Windsor, North Carolina held its annual Youth Hunting and Fishing Day on September 22nd. This annual event is part of a nationwide effort that, according to their website ( ) “ focuses on raising public awareness about the importance of the wise use of natural resources, promoting wildlife conversation and outdoor sports.”

They had an area with local bee keepers explaining the bee keeping process as well as the important role bees play in our environment. Next to the bees was a Gyotaku station which was really neat. Gyotaku was a way for 18th Century Japanese fisherman to record their catch by smearing squid ink on a fish and pressing them down on paper. This allowed the fisherman to release the fish unharmed while also having something to take back to the village. On this occasion though rubber fish were used in the place of living fish and paint was used in the place of squid ink. This one even had the adults taking part and “making a mess”.

On the inside there was a display for the 2018 North Carolina Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest, which is just another way to try to get kids interested in Wildlife and teach them the importance of conservation with an artistic twist. Dream Hunting and Fishing Program was on site with their Wildlife Education trailer of taxidermized animals set up to allow kids to walk through and get up close looks at animals from around the area. Giving them an idea of the size of the animal and gives the kids a chance to feel the fur and an attendant was there to answer any questions.

One of the more popular stops was the archery station where attendees could shoot kid safe arrows into bails of hay. The first shot was almost always a miss but then the guide would start to give pointers on how to hold the bow, how to sight the arrow and with each shot their aim improved. A casting station where you could try your luck at “hooking” little plastic fish was one of the more fun stations, one where kids are learning to cast a line and not even realizing it. A group from  was on hand to promote their stow it don’t throw it program which is a program designed to encourage the recycling of fishing line by giving out personal recycling tubes made out of tennis ball cans.

The Roanoke-Cashie River Center also provided boat rides down the Cashie River, which is a thing they usually do during the warmer months anyway so it just became part of the event “We just go down the river and see what we see” Its sort of a nature lesson with the hopes of seeing some wildlife or something cool.

This is probably going to be of those things that I will be more involved with in the coming years as this is in my hometown, so I guess we’ll see what this event looks like next year!

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