4 of a Kind - WOODLANDSTOCK 2019
Article by Tim Flanagan - Amazing Photos by Everyone!
Elvis Jesus
Cameron Morrison

Okay so I am calling them the Sam Gray Trio during WOODLANDSTOCK, and it turns out they have a very eclectic band name called Elvis Jesus! Sam Gray, we had on the "DRIVE HOME" about a month ago when started leading up to the festival. At that time Sam played some mean guitar just using the neck of his guitar. We were impressed!

However I have seen Sam or the band live before, so I did not know what expect.! Drums, bass and incredible guitar work drew us in. Also singing lead vocals, Sam blew it away. His versatility on guitar and raw energy was a powerful combination.

Can's wait to see Elvis Jesus back in action. Stay tuned on WHE or WHER for upcoming performances! If you happen to mosey into Kings Coffee on Main Street in Murfreesboro for delicious lunch or coffee, say hello to Sam. He works there helping his father with the restaurant!

4 of a Kind is the name, and 4 of a kind they are not! Laura jokes that they are all so different in style and personality that the name says it all lol. What a fun band! They are a newly formed band, and only have a few performances under their belt, but he experience all throughout the group is very evident. 

Not hurting for personality, the band leader kept the audience's entertained, and the music was complimented on by many in attendance. The lead vocalist,  has a great voice and showed in her versatility in many of their songs!

Would love to have them back again next year! Of course, being Laura is part of the band, I think that is more than doable!

4 of a Kind
Brent Bennett - Ronny Kirkman Ronda Bennette - Laura Davis
"Gator" Ricky Ross

Comedian, singer, entertainer and all around funny man..."Gator" Ricky Ross! Got there early, helped me set up. Performed vocally with Laura Davis on guitar. Helped host and keep the audience entertained during band set ups. And his set, which heavily does in slap stick, was a crowd favorite. As Gator balanced a ladder the kids were impressed.

The rat traps on his hands and tongue brought out the adrenaline in the kids, and the closer were he walked barefoot on hundreds of legos, and then jumped from a ladder on them brought whoots and hollers for him to do the jump from the top of the ladder, which after a look from me he decided against it lol.

"Gator" Ricky Ross is also part of the WHER Radio team as an on radio personality, and many may recognize his voice from several comedy skits on WHER he has done! Thank you Gator...

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