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Independent Artist Radio Play Agreement: 


I, hereby solemnly promise I have the authority to act on behalf of the artist/band submitted below and by submitting below I understand and agree to the following:


You confirm ownership, publishing rights, and copyright for all music submitted. You cannot use another artist's music (known as a "cover song"). Submitted music must be your original composition. If a song or songs is selected for radio play, that there will be no compensation due to the artist of any kind. This is an exchange of exposure for radio play only. No copyright fees or royalties due will fall upon "Whats Happening Entertainment Radio" as monies due.


It is also understood that this agreement cannot be broken or rewritten in the event a copyright entity is contracted. It is our belief that if we help you succeed, we shouldn't owe you for it in the future. This agreement must be factored in by you, the artist, with any new agreements or contracts signed.

Whats Happening Entertainment Radio will not owe you, your record label, agent, agencies of collection, or publisher money - or other form of compensation for playing or promoting your music. This is a "Radio play for Exposure" agreement. We're going back to selecting songs on merit.


You also give us full permission to promote and talk about you as an artist on the radio in regards to your song's radio play. Including on our online radio station, webplayer, podcast, music source, or web site of Whats Happening Entertainment.


Terms found in this agreement: Musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, record label, or agent acting on behalf of the musician, artist, vocalist, musical group, or record label, shall be referred to as "you." "your," or "yours." Limitations: Your ownership of the copyright and publishing rights to any music, song, or lyrics submitted by you to Whats Happening Entertainment Radio is mandated by this agreement. You also agree to inform us of any changes to ownership or publishing rights. An explicit understanding exists that an acknowledgement by in person signing and/or submission, e-mail, shall be considered a legally binding act between all parties involved in this agreement: This includes the exchange of e-mail with or without name as long as the originating e-mail address is/has been used by the sending party at any time over the preceding six months, and if that e-mail address appears in the "From" heading as indicated by the recipient's e-mail software program.


Agreement and Conditions: You agree to provide product on quality MP3 to Whats Happening Entertainment Radio with no expectation of remuneration through money, trade or merchandise. The decision of your product being played by Whats Happening Entertainment Radio is at the sole discretion of Whats Happening Entertainment Radio. This decision may not be challenged by you, your legal representative, agent, or label. It is understood by you that the decision to expose your music, song(s), or lyrics to the public through any of our media outlets rest solely with Whats Happening Entertainment Radio. By submitting this agreement electronically, via e-mail, U.S. postal service, commercial carrier, or hand delivery, you agree that Whats Happening Entertainment Radio, or any participant within Whats Happening Entertainment Radio, WILL owe you no money, trade, or merchandise, for expenses incurred by you in the creating, preparing, recording, or shipping of your product. You also acknowledge that the promotional value offered by Whats Happening Entertainment Radio is a fair exchange for any and all use of your product.


Assignment: The provisions of this agreement shall be binding upon you, your label, your agent, or any successor or merged company or companies acting on your behalf. This agreement shall have no expiration date.


Enforcement: Failure on the part of Whats Happening Entertainment Radio to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of its rights under such provision or any other provisions of this agreement. 

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