The Voices are Back
by Tim Flanagan

We have too much discord to be anything but a cancer, if we were a disease inside a celestial being! Funny right? We live, we die! Personalities abound! Upon a planet teaming with diversity of life, we are but a small fraction of all there is. When life is through with us, and we are tossed away to once again feed, that which gives us life, then you will have your answer! You will either never know, for you are no longer or, you are you once again by familiar sensations. I long to hold the truth within my grasp. Such strong ambitions for a species so frail. Is it that we are so young in our evolvement? To be a pawn in a cosmic design, too understand one’s meaning in it all. Enlightenment! To be enlightened? Chemicals and electric impulses do not explain strong compulsions and passions. Are we the pod people? We are who we think we are by ID, though not aware by design. Would kind of spoil the fun huh? Were we genetically designed by some superior species, creatures of energy who crave for the learning of the flesh? What if dying was programmed into the design purposely. Time to move to another host, a whole new experience awaits! Dying is the ultimate closure. How many of our favorite books ended with death as a demise or a fresh beginning. I often wonder if our people are out there somewhere! A crash landing on a remote planet in a remote solar system. Mutations from a new environment, loss of technology, in breeding with resident inhabitants, and over time everything you were will be forgotten!

A fantasy in which people are free of their previous path. A past where the need for belief in tradition and taught values constricted. A new path forged from mistakes. A reprogramming of society could reap a more meaningful world. The binds of capitalism have hindered us since the dawn of humanity! I think back at wasted time and talent, and it is saddening. So many things waste our time, but none so demanding as our own humanity. Futility achieved means a lesson learned? So, it would seem. I would like it so much better is we were born with knowledge and lost it as we aged. Instead of burning the candle at both ends. Aging, not a pretty thing. We fight it kicking and screaming. It is the stopped production of a chemical that does us in! Strange how it can not seem to be found and duplicated. I have read a few conspiracy theories on the science of prolonging life and possibly stopping aging. As far as conspiracy theories go it does some valid points! Could such research be squashed by Governments? What reason would they have? Well over population for one, could you imagine how quickly we would need another habitable planet if no one died? Would the retirement age be raised a hundred years or so? What would it do to the world’s economy? If the world was not dictated by economy and an early logical intervention of policies were put into place then, yes, we may survive not dying. However, in the current dog eat dog social mindset it would destroy as all and our planet!

That dream I was mentioning involves a different kind of world. A world where we went to work to achieve and grow. A job where personal skills and your own gratifying achieve mattered! A world that did not spend its time playing tug of war with a dollar! Sound far-fetched? It is! However somewhere along the way, the patterns of our society and its perceptions were created by choice. You could argue that a world like that could not exist without the ability of all humans to do everything possible. I say not if we all had a job! I say not if Government functioned as it should! Of course, this is all a moot point if we assume one of the thoughts written above is the reality. Then we do not find the answer to living longer and aging because we will not ourselves find it! These thoughts I share with you, as a common burden I know we all share. How quickly we think and process and build upon a thought inside our minds. How many thoughts are we capable of? As quick as any computer, it takes longer to put those thoughts into words! Either written or spoken, our minds are much quicker than our bodies! Are we just scuba suits for some deep space diver? If you figure anything out let me know please!

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