Woodlandstock 2018

Woodlandstock 2018 is in the books! Months in the making and a year in my thoughts! Many think that this festival is for the community, and it is, but is also for us, the performers to have a day and evening together. A stage to sing and crack jokes from. A chance at being together and enjoying each others music and comedy. Last year's inaugural Woodlandstock 2017 set the tone and anticipation for this year's event! So without further ado, and skipping over the drama that comes with any event coordination, let's talk Woodlandstock 2018! This event is more than a music festival, it is about sharing! Sharing music, ideas and smiles! It is about community, both near and far! It is about working together! It is about the individual stories of those that overcame to be part of this year's shindig!

People have asked me how I got so many performers to perform. How much were they paid one person asked me. Nothing was my answer! They came to sing and play their heart's out for the love of it! There are two kinds of performers...

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